Projects cut to size


We are prepared to produce cut to size products, commercial or residential projects, which demand for a specific cut or that have carved and elaborated pieces and details.
Relying on our know-how and long experience in working stone along with the latest technical skills and technology, we can produce with outstanding accuracy special pieces such as: cornices, columns, balustrades, massive and cantilevered stairs, fireplaces, window surrounds, frontons and capitels, among others.

Special pieces

We like challenges and we are able to work a wide range of designs. Lusorochas produces a large variety of special pieces cut to size:

25 years of expertise

Our production capacity allows us to produce every type of projects in stone. We can study your project to establish its feasability and we assure its execution by an experiences and high skilled team with the most advanced technology.

Quality stones

We have a large range of stones carefully selected to propose according the purpose of each project. The quality, the beauty and the durability combine in order to meet your requirements.

"State of the art” techniques

Our team is one of the most qualified in this industry being able to produce every type of special pieces cut to size: cornces, columns, balustrades, massive and cantilevered stairs, fireplaces, window surrounds, frontons and capitels, etc.