Lusorochas is specialist in natural stone, mostly Portuguese limestones and marbles.
Having invested early on quality, innovation and on the qualification of the people, after more than 20 years is still a pioneer, differentiating from others by the quality of its products and the continuous update of its production process.
Its know-how and expertise give the ability to answer the most demanding requests, reflected in the supplying of several projects all over the world.


Lusorochas is a familiar company with a long tradition in the transformation of natural stone, settled in the region of Pêro Pinheiro, the biggest region of stone transformation in the country well-known for the excellence of its work.
Founded in 1990, the company early invested on the international market with the first exhibitions in international fairs such as Batimat in Paris in 1994 and Coverings (USA) in 1998, with great success.
The regular participation in shows remains part of the international promotion strategy with the successful recognition of Lusorochas products and services.
We work with a wide range of natural stone; Moca fine, Azul Atlantico, Creme Cascais, Creme Mafra, Blue stone, Ruivina, Estremoz, Rosal, Branco do Mar, Bege Classik, Gascogne beige, Branco Real, Calakata, White Tiger.